Review: Bonobos Guideshop at Derby St Shops

Recently my husband and I had the opportunity to check out the brand new Bonobos Guideshop at Derby St Shops.On him: Tech Button Down in Standard Fit // Italian Brushed 5-Pocket Pant in Athletic Fit

Bonobos is a fit-focused menswear brand that makes clothing in all the prints, styles, patterns, and sizes you could ever ask for. They pride themselves on offering a variety of fits in tops and bottoms, including over 200 fit combinations just in pants! My husband always struggles to find pants that fit well, so he was excited to see how Bonobos worked.

So off to the Guideshop we went. You may be wondering: What is a Guideshop? Well we wondered that too. Men can head to a Guideshop location to find their fit from their skinny, tailored, slim, straight, or athletic options. Each store comes equipped with a knowledgable team that offers personalized service to have customers outfitted in just the right way.

In Hingham, we worked with Shanice, who was wonderful. We had researched the fits online and assumed we knew what Lain would pick. Wrong! Actually trying them all on was so helpful. Shanice took all the time in the world to explain the differences and bring more and more styles so that he could try everything and narrow in on what worked for him. He ended up ordering two pairs of the athletic fit in pants and they look great. This fit is cut just a bit wider in the thigh and more slim at the bottom, like a less exaggerated version of a jogger. It looks perfect and he would have never picked this without the help of the Guideshop! For shirts he ordered one slim fit and one standard fit. Look at the details on the stretch washed chinos – love the lining!

So the Guideshop is there to try on all the different fits to determine what you like. Did you notice I said “order” above? Yes, you actually order on the spot, and the clothes are delivered quickly in just a few days. So to note, you do not actually buy in the Guideshop! Once you know your size and fit preference, you can order whatever color/print/style combo you want in the fit that works for your body. That’s how they have so many options available to shop from – you’re shopping from the huge warehouse as opposed to a storefront with limited inventory, but get the benefit of the knowledgeable sales associate. So smart! I know my husband doesn’t like to spend time shopping, so now that he knows what works for him, he can order online season after season as new clothes are needed. And the Guideshop is always there if you want to return to try something new, maybe a formal suit, or just check out what new fabrications are in for each season.

Thank you to Bonobos for partnering on this post. #bonobospartner #ad

Happy shopping!

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