Hi Friends! My name is Ali Anderson, and I am a wife and mom living outside Boston. I have three wonderful kids and a very patient husband.  They only complain minimally about our constant matching outfits and subsequent photoshoots. Winning! When I’m not blogging, you can find me at the gym (running or in barre), watching Bravo, or drinking wine with friends.

Momming in Manolos was a long time coming.  As a child, I loved fashion.  I always had to have the current trend.  I pored over fashion magazines, pulling out pages of my favorite looks (which makes me feel like a dinosaur since this pre-dates social media or Pinterest) and followed what all the celebs were wearing.  I kept journals detailing what I wore every day for over 15 years.  Some would call that obsessive, but to me it just made perfect sense. After college, I was a buyer for a department store and then a women’s retailer before having my first baby and becoming a stay at home mom.

Fashion is fun and shouldn’t be taken too seriously, which is how I feel about this blog.  The majority of photos are taken by my 6 and 4 year-olds, if that tells you anything.  I hope you find some inspiration, be it a head-to-toe matching outfit with your baby, learning about a new accessory trend, or just seeing that my children are as crazy as yours.  You’re not alone, friend, so let’s look cute while doing this thing called life.

xoxo, Ali



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