Shopping Spotlight: Breakwater Blue

I am devoting my Shopping Spotlights to small, women-owned, or eco-friendly businesses. Well this company checks all three of those boxes! Breakwater Blue is a unique company with nautical-themed bags, apparel, and accessories. Based in Hingham, MA, the owner, Barbie Lynch, is a mom who believes in keeping the environment clean. Everything they offer is made of recycled materials or produced using eco-friendly standards. And Breakwater Blue doesn’t even stop there, but also organizes beach cleanups, inviting the local communities to come out and help make their beaches beautiful again. 5% of all sales go directly toward these beach cleanups.

I had SO MUCH fun shopping for and styling some of the bags and apparel. Whether you are spending a weekend sailing or just taking the kids to activities, these items infuse the perfect amount of nautical whimsy into everyday life!

The largest bag is the Beach Getaway. It’s big enough that you fit everything in this! And all Breakwater Blue bags have pockets, so you can still stay organized. IMG_4966IMG_5233

One step smaller is the Weekender Bag. Still big enough to carry everything you need for a busy day like beach towels, toys, books, clothes, and more!IMG_6890IMG_4931

Rounding out the bags is the Everyday Tote. The slightly smaller size is great to wear as your day-to-day bag. IMG_6909.JPG

There are small bags too, like this clutch, which is perfect for evenings out! IMG_6934

And these fun pouches, called Sunblock Bags, perfect to keep your messy or wet items in. But be warned: if you have little hands in the house, these are perfectly sized toddler bags (“MY purse!”) and you might just have to share!

Last (and dare I say, most important??) is the Wine Bag. All the sail bags are naturally water resistant, so you can throw your ice right into the bag and you’re ready to go!IMG_4946

Because these bags are made from recycled sails, they are incredibly durable. They are machine washable and water resistant. You can also customize your own bag with any design, details, zippers, and monogramming.

Apart from the recycled sail bags, the apparel and jewelry are great too. I absolutely love my whale sweater and get so many compliments when I wear it!IMG_4937

I truly believe in the mission of this company, and encourage everyone to keep them in mind when you’re shopping for gifts or for yourself. And if you’ve made it this far on this long post (sorry! so much good stuff!) I am happy to say that Breakwater Blue has generously agreed to offer a discount to all my AliAndersonStyle readers. AAS10 will get you 10% of your entire order. And it’s free shipping over $50, woohoo!

Happy Shopping!

1 thought on “Shopping Spotlight: Breakwater Blue

  1. Thank you Ali for featuring BWB. Our deep love for the ocean keeps us fighting to build this business and raise awareness for keeping our seas clean!
    -Barbie Lynch owner of Breakwater Blue


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