Travel Guide: Finest Playa Mujeres

Today I’m sharing our experience at the resort Finest Playa Mujeres. To note, this post is NOT sponsored. I found this resort after searching online for a family-friendly tropical vacation. It was a little nerve wracking to book a week in a place no one had seen, but the resort met our expectations and then some!

The Cons:

Lets just get these out of the way since they aren’t huge.

  • The Cancun airport. We arrived on a Saturday and waited almost three hours to get through customs. It was a mess, there is no sugarcoating it. I spoke to several other people who had this same experience, and it sounds like the only way to avoid is to not fly in on a Saturday.
  • The wind. The beach was very gusty for the entire duration of our stay. It was tolerable, but the pools set back into the resort were much more comfortable to lounge at. I’m not sure if this is the norm, but I will say the same thing was happening when I was in Miami two weeks later and a friend mentioned Turks & Caicos also had strong winds on the beach, so who knows! While I wish it was different, not a deterrent to keep us from coming back.
  • The cost. As an all-inclusive resort for a family, the resort is not cheap. But we absolutely felt the quality of the property, the staff, the room, the activities, the food etc all was worth the investment.
  • img_0414
    Drinks on the beach is a must!
    You can get massages by the ocean.
    Meeting our lizard friend who came out every day!

The Pros:

  • The location. While you fly into Cancun (tons of direct flights available), you are not a part of the party scene associated with it. Playa Mujeres is a quiet beach about 30 min north of Cancun by car. Once nearing the property, you feel like you’re driving into Jurassic Park with amazing foliage and big gates. The resort is actually behind two different gates, in case anyone is nervous about security.
  • The property. The resort is stunning. All modern buildings, gorgeous landscaping, tons of pools, and a KIDS CLUB (let’s be honest – this is what sold my husband and I).
  • The food. You never know what you’re getting with all-inclusive, but our food was great. They have so many restaurants to choose from, and we liked them all! And the coffee shop, the smoothie bar, the swim up bar, the room service… I could go on. It was all good.
  • The staff. Everyone was so nice! Helpful with questions or snapping a family photo, always quick to replenish cocktails on the beach or at the pool, and the caretakers for the kid zone were sweet with the kids.
  • The room. We got a family suite, which was perfect. The kids had their own room with two twin beds and a crib, so we could put them to sleep and still be able to move around/have lights on without waking them.
  • The Club. One building on the property is designated the Finest Club, and we stayed there. It was a little more per night, but came with perks like the private hammock over the pool out your door, designated space on the beach, an additional restaurant, etc.
  • The activities. They had a huge board with the days broken out by hour of what you could do. Fitness classes, archery, games, karaoke… the list goes on and it was all included. There is also a spa, which was not included in the price. And each night was a different theme/show. We ate Indian food and watched Bollywood dancing one night and took the kids to a live Disney singalong the next.
The kids loved ordering smoothies from the swim up bar.
Room service breakfast on the patio.
Hours and hours of pool fun!

Would we go back? Absolutely! In fact, we already reserved a room for next year! Which is a bonus of this resort – no deposit to make the booking, the charge hits one month before arrival. Very helpful to book knowing you can cancel if plans change. We’re just not arriving on a Saturday next year… šŸ˜‰

Looking forward to another visit to this rose gold bar.
And the kids want to get back to the splash pad!

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