New England Skin Center HydraFacial Review

Let me start by getting real here… I am NOT a skincare expert. I coasted along through my teens and twenties using minimal products, and most were from a drugstore. Now that I’m well into my thirties, skincare is becoming a focus. I’m learning a lot and trying to incorporate new products and treatments into my regimen. When New England Skin Center reached out to ask if I wanted to try their HydraFacial, I said “yes, please!” and then immediately googled what that was. 😂

Turns out a HydraFacial is a quick 30 minute procedure. It removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities while simultaneously bathing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating, and moisturizing targeted serums. It works for all skin tones and basically leaves you with glowing, dewy skin. There is almost no downtime after; I had a little redness for maybe an hour, but not bad enough to worry about being in public. They did warn me about being a little extra sensitive in the sun, but I am all about wearing hats in the sun anyway, so I was able to enjoy my Memorial Day weekend outside without any issues!

The facial itself is pretty straightforward. the feeling of the wand on my face actually reminded me of wet baby kisses – the kind where they get their whole slobbery mouth on you and create some suction! Lol. Okay, maybe the facial is a little more intense but not uncomfortable. And can we talk about this fun treatment room below?? Hello gorgeous!

Afterwards my skin DID look better. It was definitely glowing and looked very smooth and even. It was more hydrated than usual and felt so soft to the touch! To note, I have pretty sensitive skin and other than the redness I mentioned above, I had no side effects. One tiny area on my cheek stayed red for a day, but it was the kind of thing I saw in the mirror and a friend was like “I see nothing and have no idea what you’re talking about” so I was just looking a little more closely than others. The below photo was taken about an hour after treatment so you can see what I mean – nice and normal!

I am super happy with the results and plan to continue these going forward! I’m all about finding ways to keep my skin looking young that don’t require knives or needles! (yet… 😂)

New England Skin Center is run by two women, Tobi and Christine, and has everything you need to focus on skincare. The space is chic and welcoming, and the ladies could not be nicer. They explained everything very clearly and were a wealth of knowledge on all the treatment options.

And now for the SUPER exciting part… New England Skin Center is offering my readers 10% off any first-time bookings made by June 15th. It’s good for all services so you can kick off summer with glowing skin! Just reference the code Spring10Ali when booking. So easy! Booking requests can be made online or by calling NESC at 781-803-2455. And follow them on insta at @NESkinCenter.


1 thought on “New England Skin Center HydraFacial Review

  1. Thank you for coming and sharing your time with us. It was a delight to meet you. Enjoy the amazing Hydrafacial glow!



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