Review: MYK Silk Toddler Pillowcase plus Discount Code

Right when our toddler was ready to graduate to a big girl bed, I learned about MYK Silk. Talk about timing! This company makes toddler pillowcases of mulberry silk, which is hypoallergenic, durable, and chemical free.

Sleeping on natural silk helps lock in skin’s moisture and helps keep her hair from getting tangled. Perfect for this sleeping beauty!

It comes in two colors and CLEARLY she chose pink. #pinkeverything We paired it with an organic pillow designed specifically for toddler head, neck, and spine support. I mean, you can’t deny this love! 😍

And it’s also perfectly sized to snuggle up on the floor with some bedtime stories.

The pillowcase retails for just $13.99. If your little one wants to try it out (or you have been considering an adult-sized one yourself!) you can use my promo code of ALIMOM15 to get 15% off the entire website! Pillowcases, camisoles, eye masks… the list goes on!

Thank you to MYK Silk for partnering on this post. The pillowcase was gifted, the opinions are ours!

Happy shopping!

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