Deal of the Day // The Velvet Hair Bow

You know I am all about the hair accessories. I’ve featured headbands and pearl clips on the blog, so the next natural step is bows, #amirite? While shopping for the perfect bow I’ve seen quite a few beautiful ones, but most came with a hefty price tag – some absurdly expensive and some not too expensive but all things considered, still too much for a hair bow. But then Amazon to the rescue. I found THIS SET of ten bows for a whopping $11.99. That is $1.20/bow if you’re doing the math. What a deal!Shop: 10-Pack Velvet Hair Bows // Heart Detail Sweater

I like that they’re on a hair elastic vs a metal clip. It makes them feel a little more casual and easy, and less like what I put in my preschooler’s hair each day. The velvet looks luxe and is perfect for winter outfits but the pack has so many light colors it will transition you right into spring/summer. The size works on any hairstyle: ponytail, half-up, bun, braid… The possibilities are endless. And finally, if you have a daughter or a niece or any special little lady in your life, you can pass them along to her when you’re done with them. I’d call that a win/win.

Are you a fan of this trend? Let me know in the comments!

Happy shopping!

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