Why I Love // Wahlburgers

As a resident of the south shore of Boston, loving the Wahlberg family is basically a requirement. We’ve been to Wahlburgers in the Hingham Shipyard several times over the years and it’s always been great. We were recently invited to dine there (socially distant, of course!) and check out some of the brand new menu items that launched earlier this month. And be sure to stick around to the end of the post – there is an awesome promotion for families happening right now!

The appetizers got a few new additions with the menu update and Chef Paul made sure we tried the tot flight. Holy. Cow. We absolutely crushed them. Not a crumb was left behind. It’s a combo of their three tot flavors: spicy cheese and bacon, bbq chicken, and cinnamon sugar sweet tots. My personal fave was the spicy cheese and bacon, while the kiddos likes the bbq chicken and the sweet tots. Those sweet tots come with a dollop of marshmallow fluff and they seriously taste like a delicious dessert!

And the next new dish we tried was the crispy fried pickles. These are served with ranch dressing and I’ll be honest here when I say I’m not a pickle person. But my husband is and he ate every last one of them. I’d say that’s a major win!

Somehow we still had room for the main course. The hubs and I both had the bbq bacon burger (Donnie’s favorite!) with the kale and brussels sprout slaw. Because we needed some veggies to balance out those tots, lol. The burgers and slaw were absolutely delish, as expected.

My little ones enjoyed their “Smahlburgs” Kids Meals of mac and cheese and hot dogs. And exciting news: Wahlburgers just announced a special promotion of Kids Eat Free Thursdays for their MA locations! What a deal! I know we’ll be back to take advantage of this limited-time special.

And speaking of kids, I have a Fanta lover in the house. When we ordered Fanta, the server informed us they had transitioned to another orange soda drink, made with pure cane sugar, and we decided to try it. My little guy loved it, and I loved that it’s a little less sweet than the traditional Fanta. Excellent swap, Wahlburgers!

Everyone left the restaurant happy and full. As a mom, it doesn’t get much better than that. I encourage everyone to check out their local Wahlburgers location for a great socially distant meal or grab take-out for an easy dinner at home. When the kids eat free, everyone wins!

Thank you to Wahlburgers for partnering on this post.

Happy eating!

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