Shopping Spotlight // Pink Chicken

Today’s shopping spotlight is devoted to one of my favorite brands: Pink Chicken. I love supporting women-owned small businesses and this one is not just that but also founded by a mom and focuses on sustainable practices. Yes, please! All of the above!

Pink Chicken focuses on fun, happy pieces with a boho feel. They mix patterns and colors beautifully, with all prints created in-house. We’re in the Halsey Dress (mom) and Kit Dress (mini). The prices are a little higher than what you’ll find from big box stores, but the quality is there. These wear and wash beautifully and hold up.

Each piece has an incredible attention to detail. For example, the buttons on the back of this dress. They could have been plain cream-colored buttons to match the dress and be more or less invisible. But no. They are sparkly buttons with silver glitter in them and when my daughter noticed she was so excited!

The boho theme comes out not just in the prints but in the ease of the dresses. Nothing is tight or restrictive, which means both mommy and mini can be comfortable in the styles all day long. For the adult style, the belt is removable so you get two looks in one dress.

Did I mention it passed the twirl test for my daughter? And these aren’t our first mommy and me set. Check out these adorable lemon print dresses – could that pattern BE any cuter?! (Yes, that was said in my Chandler Bing voice.)

To Shop Lemon Print: Mom Dress // Mini Dress // Baby Bubble

As you know, we love girly dresses. But they also have plenty of tops, jumpsuits, swimwear, and even some options for the dads and boys! Because really, what is matching if you can’t force the entire family to do it, #amirite?

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about this great brand – definitely check them out! Thank you to Pink Chicken for partnering on this post.

Happy shopping!

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