Why I Love // Sarah Flint

You know I love shoes. I’ve been working on my collection for years! I truly believe that if you invest in a high-quality, classic pair you’ll have it for decades to come. Enter Sarah Flint. (Stay with me and you’ll be rewarded with a code for $50 off your first pair!)

I discovered Sarah Flint when I saw them on a friend. They are gorgeous shoes and caught my eye! I hadn’t heard of the brand before, which I now know is because they are direct-to-consumer vs being sold in other retailers. Designed by a woman and handmade in Italy, these are legit high-end shoes. The materials and attention to detail are on par with other famous designer shoes.

This is the Perfect Pump 85 in Taupe. The style also comes in 100mm and 50mm height. I figure the mid-height was the right choice for me on this wear-with-everything pump. I’m a 7.5 in US sizing but usually go with 38 for euro/designer sizing. I did a 38 in this pair and the fit is perfect. The suede also stretches a bit with wear, making it mold to my foot perfectly. I paired them with a classic cashmere tee and my favorite jeans for date night. But these pumps can also be worn to the office, dressed up for holidays, or a ladies night out. They’re called the Perfect Pump for a reason – you can wear them with everything!

My favorite part is the arch support! As a runner who struggles with plantar fasciitis, this extra detail did not go unnoticed. When I wore them for the first time I all night and my feet did not bother me. That’s the real test right there.

And here’s the good part, as a Sarah Flint Brand Ambassador I get to share a code with my followers for $50 off a pair! Not too shabby! You can use the code SARAHFLINT-BAALIA on the website or just click THIS LINK.

Thank you to Sarah Flint for inviting me to be a Brand Ambassador. I love supporting women-owned businesses that I truly believe in!

Happy shopping!

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