Shopping Spotlight // Sonny & Elsie

It’s been a hot second! But I am back to spotlight one of my favorite types of brands: a local, woman-owned, small business. The trifecta! Today is all about Sonny & Elsie. I had the pleasure of meeting the creator, Caren, through a mutual friend. She saw a problem – life at the beach was great but where do you put your valuables? – and set out to fix that. Enter, this beach towel.

To start, the signature towel is INCREDIBLY soft and plush. It’s made of 100% cotton, is machine washable, and free from harmful chemicals. Perfect for the whole family. It’s also got cute red binding around the edge so it will never fray!

Caren very wisely created a built in fold at the top to go over chairs. I’ve only ever seen this at resort pools, so it makes my backyard or beach day feel extra fancy! #NotMadAtIt But in practical terms, this means you don’t have to worry about the wind or kids knocking your towel down. Smart.

And finally, the genius part, is the built-in pocket that is totally hidden! It’s under the fold mentioned above. It’s water resistant and zips closed. Now it’s easy to stash keys, wallet, sunglasses, etc out of sight and out of the sun. So darn smart. My middle guy wears glasses and where to put them when swimming is a constant struggle! Now we have a designated space and we can all rest easy and enjoy the sunshine.

Check out the pocket in action HERE.

All smiles from me. And not just because I match the color scheme. 😉 But seriously, this towel is amazing!! We have two that we keep out all all times for our pool chaises, but I plan on getting more so the whole fam can take them to the beach. And can we talk about how this is a fabulous gift idea? Christmas is coming, friends. You’re welcome.

Happy shopping!

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