Shoe Deal of the Day!

This post is going to be short and sweet. My #shoecrush of the summer is so insanely on sale that I feel the need to let people know! I had my eye on this shoe for awhile, but I bought the black floral version in the spring, so decided to pass. Fast forward to Oct, and I have a “Palm Springs” themed event to attend this week. These Sam Edelman Yaro Palm Print heels just scream Palm Springs! No idea what I’m wearing with them, but that will all work itself out. (Anyone have a gorgeous caftan they want to loan out??) image1

The print and style are classic enough that I know they’ll last a few seasons, so with the extra 20% off today, these are a fantastic deal at $43 from $120!! Happy Shopping!

coconut dawn daylight exotic
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1 thought on “Shoe Deal of the Day!

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