A Hamilton Halloween

The WHAT: By now everyone should know that I’m obsessed with Hamilton. And this manifested itself in Halloween last year. I came up with the idea for the kids to be Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and Eliza Schuyler Hamilton. Of course I had to be in on it too, and did a quick and easy Marquis de Lafayette costume.

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The HOW: The boys were actually in George Washington costumes, but I ditched the hat, added some riding boots (from the girl’s section – don’t tell them), and added wooden revolutionary war pistols made from an Etsy shop. Finally, a monogram went on the back of each jacket, just in case anyone did not realize who was who. Eliza’s costume was another Etsy find, handmade by a lovely woman who was happy to work with the tiny measurements. And for Lafayette, I found a t-shirt design from RedBubble, ordered it in French Blue, paired it with white pants and riding boots and topped it off with one of the hats rejected from the boys’ costumes. Et voila!

The HIGHLIGHT: Now for the best part – the duel. After seeing the play, I knew I had to have the kids act this out. We’re not quite Broadway bound yet, but for ages six, four and one, I’d say these kiddos nailed it!

And I am so sorry that WordPress won’t let me embed the video into this post (grrrr), so please CLICK HERE to view!

2 thoughts on “A Hamilton Halloween

  1. I happened upon your Hamilton pictures today as I was looking for new costumes to make, I think I made your Eliza costume. Would it be okay for me to share this post on my Facebook? Your pictures are Amazing! Thank you so much, Kelly
    KellysCostumes on Etsy

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  2. Of course! We looooooved that Eliza costume you made!


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