Halloween 2018

Greetings from Oz! This year was a fun one for costumes. I love when the whole family matches, but the boys were dead set on being transformers, so it was up to me to find something fun for the littlest and I.

Enter: Glinda the Good Witch and Dorothy!

The Dorothy-esque dress was actually mine when I was little, so we already had it in the closet. Yay vintage! (Here is an inexpensive one I found online, but there are tons of blue gingham dresses available.) I just had to order a Toto in a basket and some red sparkly shoes to complete the costume. And style with braids, of course!

And then for me, I already owned the skirt (similar here and here), silk top, and sparkly shoes. A quick run to Michaels provided all the supplies for Glinda’s wand and crown!

Wand: a dowel spray-painted silver topped with a glitter foam board star. Crown: silver poster board cut into a crown shape with jewels glued on.

All that was left was to find a yellow brick road! But we live in New England, so red brick will have to do. 🙂

Hope you all have a very happy Halloween!!

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