Shoe Deal of the Day!

Deal of the Day is BACK. This time I am bringing you a dupe to the Gucci Princetown Slipper with fur.

These Gucci mules are absolutely gorgeous. They add the right balance of chic and comfort to any outfit. I admired them for over a year but couldn’t actually fathom buying them. $995 is a hefty price tag, and while I’m in favor of spending big bucks on designer shoes that are classic and will last for a long time, these aren’t that for me. Maybe they are for you, and that’s great! (Also, call me and let’s talk shoes.) But living in New England we have a very limited season on mules. There is a tiny sliver of opportunity between the long seasons of too hot and too cold. And my second deterrent is also location based – we have lots of rain and snow/salt on the ground. That beautiful lamb’s wool would never hold up. So what’s a gal to do? Enter… the dupe!

These beauties are the SHEIN Contrast Faux Fur Mule Flats. At $25, it was a no-brainer! And if you’re doing the math, that is literally 2.5% of the Gucci cost. You can see the comparison in the photos, the faux fur is definitely less voluminous than the Gucci wool. But other than that, they’re pretty close! The quality is not designer, but it’s just fine to wear around. I took my usual Euro size of 38 (I’m a 7.5 normally) and they just fit. If you’re between sizes, I would size up. I’m heading to California at the end of the month and can’t wait to wear these all weekend long! Because we’re in the teens here in MA so these shoes are not getting worn locally any time soon. But I have worn them around the house and so far they’re pretty comfy!

Happy Shopping!

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