Why I Love // Cheers Supplements

My family and I just went to Mexico for vacation. We stayed at a beautiful all-inclusive resort, so safe to say the drinks were flowing. I mean, how can you sit down to a beautiful breakfast on the beach and NOT start your day with a mimosa?! Add in an attentive staff making sure you have refills at all times whether you’re by the pool, at the beach, or having a meal and I definitely lost track of my drink consumption each day. But I am also someone who did Dry January. AKA no alcohol for the whole month. So my tolerance is down. To make matters worse, I’m old enough to be at the age where I get headaches the day after drinking. And that’s not even drinking heavily; we’re talking two glasses of wine at dinner. So what’s a gal to do?

Enter: Cheers. This company has created products that reduce alcohol’s negative effects, support your liver, and help you feel better the next day. Yes, please! They embrace the fact that alcohol has been around since the beginning of time, and want us to be able to enjoy in a healthy way. We can say “cheers” with friends but still protect our bodies and feel good the next morning. And if you keep reading, you’ll get a promo code at the end of this post!

I tried the Cheers Restore and Cheers Hydrate. The Restore is a capsule to take after your last drink. It’s loaded with DHM, an ingredient combats post-drinking symptoms such as headache, nausea, anxiety and low quality sleep. The Hydrate is an oral rehydration solution. It comes in powder form and you mix it into a glass of water. When you’re dehydrated, it takes a lot more than just water to bring your body back into balance. It’s medical-grade rehydration, proven to be as effective as an IV bag. You have the drink before bed or the next morning.

So does it work? My honest review is that it definitely did. I did not drink to a point of extreme drunkenness (family vacation, folks) but I would casually sip beers or margaritas or wine at a slow pace all day and still feel great the next day after taking my Cheers. I feel like this was the ultimate testing zone, having come off no drinking and then indulging as one can only do on vacation! Even my husband took some and agreed that it helped the next day. Also, when I woke up the first morning I felt super dehydrated just from the long day of airplane travel. I started the day with the Hydrate powder in a glass of water and felt better right away!

So what are you waiting for?! You should check out Cheers yourself! And lucky for you I have a promo code – MOMMINGINMANOLOS15 – to get you 15% off your order. Cheers to that!! 🍾🥂

Thank you to Cheers for partnering on this post.

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