New House Project // Playroom Update

A priority in the new house was a spacious playroom for the kids. They have so many toys, we needed a room that they can spread out in and hopefully contain the spread of toys to every other room in the house!

To shop: Chairs // Garden Stool // Rug // Ottoman // Christmas Tree

We picked this room at the front of the house, so I knew I wanted it to still look nice when guests came in the front door. We already had the ghost chairs and garden stool in the last playroom, because I like a place for adults to be able to sit comfortably without taking up a ton of space with a big couch. I picked this new rug because 1) the colors are pretty and work with my kids’ Pottery Barn Kids anywhere chairs that sit in here. And 2) it’s from Wayfair, so the price was right and I don’t mind if the kids are hard on it.

It’s fun and youthful but still looks refined in this antique room with a chandelier and original fireplace. And speaking of that chandelier, my husband kept bumping his head on it (lol) so we added a nice soft ottoman to go underneath. This way the kids can sit and play on it, but tall adults are protected from walking too close. Another online find for a great price, and looks so chic with its navy fabric and metal legs but is utilitarian enough to stand up to the kids!

See, this is the real stuff. I did not style these shelves before taking this photo. Trust me, those bins are supposed to be in a color-coded pattern, but little hands put them wherever they see fit! Storage is so key for playrooms and big pieces like this are a lifesaver for us.

Again, not styled, just snapped to capture what it really looks like. This is my kids’ favorite spot. Dressing up happens almost daily so we keep these costumes at the ready! A low rolling rack is a lifesaver so they can access everything without needed help.

And I can’t write this post without acknowledging the current focus of the room – our new artificial Christmas tree! I will always prefer real, and that’s what is going in our family room to have Christmas morning around, but this in the front of the house looks so pretty! Such a nice view of it because the antique windows in this room are huge! I love a flocked tree, and went with a subtle version of it on this one. And that icy, outdoor look is actually achieved with glitter, so now the room is covered in it. I would be annoyed if I didn’t love glitter so much. Ha. It’s a 7.5’ tree and at $249, I feel like the it’s a great quality for the price. It did take a lot of “fluffing” to fill out the branches, but it was worth it in the end.

So there you have it; our festive playroom. Well, minus all the other toys I moved out to make room for the tree! Once we get art hung and drapes up I will share what the finished every-day room looks like. Slowly but surely making this house home!

And opinion needed: should I get cute kid-friendly ornaments for this tree? Or keep the main, real tree family-friendly and this is finally my chance for a pretty white and gold only tree?! Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

Happy shopping!

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