Why I Love // MVMT Watches

As I’ve mentioned, we recently moved. An interesting thing to adjust to is the lack of visible clocks in the house. The cable boxes are all behind walls, the microwave sits in a pantry, etc. I got really sick of asking Alexa what time it is, so I knew I needed a fun new watch.

Enter MVMT. I had the opportunity to receive one of their watches and I jumped on it! So many gorgeous styles to choose from; I went with the Boulevard style in Beverly Marble.

To shop: Watch // Bracelet

The marble face is so pretty with the grey strap and rose gold metal. MVMT’s motto is style that doesn’t break the bank, so at $160 this watch is an approachable price point despite the high end look.

MVMT also has eyewear, jewelry, and a line for men. I wanted something to match the watch, so picked this Crystal Crown Cuff in rose gold. They’re so pretty together! The crystals are Swarovski and such a chic little detail. For $60, this is a fab bracelet you can wear All. The. Time.

So if you’re looking for a last minute gift or a little “treat yo’self” present, you can shop MVMT with my code MOMMINGINMANOLOS15 to save 15% on the entire site.

Thank you to MVMT for partnering on this post.

Happy shopping!

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