Louis Vuitton // The Toiletry Pouch

Today is cause for celebration because after *months* of waiting I finally got the LV Toiletry Pouch 26!!

It looks right at home with my other pieces! Fancy name aside, this little clutch is the perfect bag to add to anyone’s collection. So… why did it take months? Well this particular bag is sold out in both stores and online. I believe there are two reasons for this: 1) it’s so versatile. It’s an adorable clutch on its own, it’s the perfect size to slip into larger bags to help organize your belongings, and, as the name suggests, a great piece for travel. And 2) the price. It’s just under $450, and while that is certainly still a splurge, it’s entry-level pricing for Louis Vuitton. And this is actually the largest of three Toiletry Pouches offered: 15, 19, and 26. So those other two are even a little cheaper. They’re all the same shape with clean lines and ample room inside for your belongings.

So how did I get my hands on this? Patience, my friend. Lots of patience. I kept the website open in my phone for months. Every few days, I would go back to it and see if it was in stock, always first thing in the morning with hopes of stock levels being updated overnight. Twice I saw it, got it into my bag, and then during the checkout process someone faster than me bought it and I was again out of luck. So one recent morning I saw it and went thru the checkout as fast as my fingers could take me! And voila. Would some people consider this dedication something closer to insanity? Without a doubt. But imma do me and not worry about it. 😉

Stay turned for all the ways I use this bag in the future!

And if you’re trying to get your own, happy shopping! (And good luck!)

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